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AO Is Hiring Again

Published by in Anishnabeg News · 19 July 2018
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AO is Hiring Again
Plans are underway for The AO EarlyON Child and Family Centre and our operations are ramping up. Anishnabeg Outreach has successfully hired our first Supervisor for the Centre. She is hard at work planning everything we need to make this a friendly and amazing place for local Indigenous families to gather, connect, celebrate, and learn together. We are in the process of finding the best location to house all of our programs, services, and offices and we are planning to move into a new facility as soon as we can.

In the meantime, AO is HIRING AGAIN!

We are seeking a Full-time Facilitator for our Early ON Indigenous Child and Family Centre.

While our OEYCFC is open to everyone, we focus on offering Indigenous and culturally specific spirit building programming. Our new facilitator will help develop and deliver these culturally based programs. If you are passionate about families, community, and Indigenous ways of learning, living, and being. then you may find this opportunity is the one you have been seeking.
All of our programs support Indigenous children, and families, to see themselves reflected in their social spaces, learning activities, and play opportunities. We focus all of our planning and efforts on inclusion and recognize the diversity within and amongst the First Peoples who call Waterloo Region home.  We expect many families to visit our centre, enjoy our programming, and benefit from our resources. And we are looking for those special people to work to build an amazing centre.

Along with a Full-time Facilitator AO is looking for the right candidate to fill a temporary contract as well.

There is opportunity to extend this contract dependent upon funding. Anishinabeg Outreach is a large and rapidly expanding Indigenous not for profit chartable organization. We are expecting to grow with several new initiatives and our EarlyOn Child and Family Centre marks a milestone in our planning which is truly exciting. We expect to be delivering high-quality experiences that build responsive adult-child relationships and encourage children’s exploration, play and inquiry by the fall.

This is an amazing time to be involved with program development here at the AO EarlyOn Child & Family Centre. Anishinabeg Outreacgh is giving birth to a comprehensive service unique to the region. We are actively seeking professionals of Indigenous descent who demonstrate essential cultural competency in early childhood learning. We are focused on bringing high quality culturally based programming to the region that serves area families while celebrating and learning from diverse and common Indigenous heritages along side proven best practices common to mainstream education, child rearing, and life long learning programs. The future is bright at AO!

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