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Back-to-School Resource Guide

Explore a sneak peek of our essential life skills courses on AONest, crafted to ensure a smooth return to school for your students. Equipping both students and caregivers with valuable life skills beyond the classroom, our collection aims to empower. Support our work, programs and initiatives like these resources by donating to AO. Wishing you a safe and wonderful return to school!

Visit this page to access our Back-to-School PDF resources. Read More about “Back-to-School Resource Guide”

Mental Health Management System

Anishnabeg Outreach (AO) has created a virtual self-directed mental health management system that will be made available to all community members in need of support including partnering agencies whose clientele will benefit. The mental health management system integrates with the AONest to provide whole family support in combination with life skills and job readiness training.

Reconciliation is important to understand when discussing Indigenous health and wellbeing as reconciliation has a direct impact on improving Indigenous health. AO has defined reconciliation as healing and economic independence which must be Indigenous-led and in partnership, in order to achieve reconciliation in our lifetime. We have remodeled reconciliation that we define through three pillars that will make reconciliation possible. These pillars become even stronger when they are braided together and work in unison to deliver reconciliation, similar to a sweetgrass braid. Read More about “Mental Health Management System”

Where your Donations Go

At AO we pride ourselves on offering a hub of wrap-around services. The launch of many of these programs would not have been possible without the support of the community around us. What all of the programs we offer at AO have in common is the fact that they are centred around the principle of healing. Healing is about moving forward, finding new futures, creating possibilities, alliances, partnerships, and building a path forward. If you are healed the world is wide open for you.

Anishnabeg Outreach offers many different programs which will allow you to contribute to our donations. Through the incredible donation of a house, and the funds from the sale of the house, we were able to take our organization in a new direction and begin the building of our centre for healing. Your donations make a difference. Read More about “Where your Donations Go”

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