Centre Of Healing

At Anishnabeg Outreach our Centre of Healing continues to expand as a hub of wrap-around services that offer support for Indigenous peoples from birth to death. This is done through partnerships, alliances, and the building of processes and programs that are centred around healing. Below are some of our current programs and services.

Spirit Bundles

The Spirit Bundles program provides essential items to local Indigenous families during the pandemic. We called these spirit bundles because they aim to help Indigenous people maintain spirit during these challenging times.

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A typical spirit bundle on display with dry foods, produce, meat, and essential items.
The inside of the teaching lodge with chairs circled around a fire pit

wellness & Healing

Our Wellness and Healing Services seeks to provide traditional, spiritual, and cultural healing and wellness activities to the urban Indigenous community, with access to traditional knowledge keepers. Our programs and services that we deliver are geared specifically for Indigenous peoples, who seek support in overcoming various challenges they may be experiencing in their lives.

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Our EarlyON provides child-centred, engaging programs and services for all children from birth to six years of age, and their families. We deliver all of our programs from a holistic, Indigenous-led, and focused pedagogy. Concentrated on providing a friendly environment that fosters learning, mentoring and development, and provides support to parents, families, and caregivers.

To learn more about the programs we offer within our EarlyON click the link below

EarlyOn centre at the kitchener location with crafts, table, chairs, and toys on display
The great room ay Anishnabeg Outreach Kitchener office with wooden tables and chairs for clients and workers


Anishnabeg Outreach Employment & Training INC. extends employment, education, and training services to all eligible Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. We offer Employment Ontario and Indigenous specific funding and programs including Apatsiwin.

long wooden tables

Indigenous Tech Mentorship & Employment

Our mentorship program aims to fill employment gaps in Indigenous representation in the teach sector. This is accomplished by our development of a series of processes and training that can equip an Indigenous participants with the required skills and training to be employable in an entry level position in the tech sector. Breaking down this initial barrier to entry in the workforce will allow individuals to gain the financial independence needed to explore future education opportunities that were not previously available to them.