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What we do?

AO Home provides homes and businesses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford & surrounding areas with the best quality cleaning services. 

We do:

Who we help?

We are an innovative leader by providing you with great services provided by exceptional people. We are in business to raise funds for Anishnabeg Outreach so they can provide Indigenous people with scholarships, a daycare and new medical center.

Why Ao Home?

It’s a story about being our own fishermen/women

Since governments had no funding for programs or services aside from the usual programs … what Stephen decided to do, with the board’s approval, was start fishing for everyone and make them less reliant on subsistent funding. He’d catch enough fish to feed many, while enabling Indigenous people to fish for themselves. Part of the plan, to build the many fishing poles and ultimately a fishing fleet requires a pilot. A window washing company that will evolve into home services (AO Home) is the pilot. The idea behind the window washing company is that the profits go back into Anishnabeg Outreach, which will then be distributed towards Indigenous scholarships, employ students and ultimately begin to build the infrastructure for services and programs that help the Indigenous community. We are starting an Indigenous business to support Indigenous issues and with the purpose of raising money for our Indigenous charity as well as build sustainability for future ventures. As a newly formed Indigenous company (AO Home), we created a business to support our own Indigenous people. We are building our own fishing poles and ultimately fishing fleets.

In speaking with a number of people about the idea of building our own poles for our own people, it resonated with non-Indigenous people as well because this was a way for them to directly support Indigenous people. By simply using AO Home’s services, the profits from the company are sent to Anishnabeg Outreach for scholarships, student employment, and ultimately infrastructure for other community resources that are needed (i.e., Wellness center and EarlyON centre) as well as continue to grow AO Home.

COntact us

How do i participate?

Contact us for a quote. Think about how you want your money used and how it will help set a new direction for Indigenous students and people in the region. Book a time to get your windows cleaned, eaves emptied or driveway power washed!

The work is quality service that is bonded, insured and certified. Oh yeah … and competitively priced!

AO Home Services will be donating 50% of profits to Anishnabeg Outreach so they can deliver more Indigenous programs and scholarships. Tell your neighbors and pass along the good word. Your recommendation is priceless but prized.

Our goal is to take indigenous youth to give them leadership development and enable them to obtain an education that ensures success in whatever path they choose. We want to build our own fishing fleet instead of asking for fish so we can help many and they in turn help one another – as this is the Indigenous way.

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Hours of Operation: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Pay Options:

Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, E-Transfer

Payments are accepted on premise when the work is completed

We offer a satisfaction guarantee! If you are not satisfied, please let us know and we will fix the problem.

Window Cleaning

Exterior Windows

We use reverse osmosis water and special water fed poles and brushes to clean most exterior windows. The water is pure so everything that could leave spots or streaks has been removed. We vigorously scrub the frame and window to remove cobwebs, bug spots and any visible dirt. When they dry, the windows are spotless and shiny clean. For most windows, this means we minimize the use of ladders on your house and won’t need to be in your flower beds or gardens. If there is paint, hard water spots or hard to remove barbeque grease, we scrap the windows clean using special stainless steel razors. We hand wash some exterior windows and doors when extra care is needed. We are all about care, quality and respect of your property.

Interior Windows

With windows that are easily accessible, we remove the screen and wash and dry them. We then wipe the frame and track. Finally, we scrub the window with our mops and use our squeegee technique to leave the window spotless. We finish the job by detailing the edges with a clean dry cotton cloth. For hard to remove spots, we use our razor-sharp scrapers. In the end, we do a visual inspection of all inside and outside windows to make sure everything is spotless and clean.

Our team is friendly and courteous and our goal is beautifully cleaned windows and having the same type of care and caution you would use if you did the work yourself.

Eaves Cleaning

Basement floods can happen when there is a heavy rainstorm and your eaves are overflowing and the downspouts are clogged. We can fix these easily before they become problems for you. We start by talking to you to find out what the problem is and where the clogs are. We then clean all the eaves by hand and clear all the down spouts. We then test each downspout to make sure they drain properly. The mulch from the eaves makes excellent compost. We spread this amongst your shrubs and bushes or remove it as appropriate.

Siding Cleaning

A lot of houses with siding could use a good scrub to remove the dust, dirt and algae that builds up over the winter or from nearby construction zones. We can take tired looking siding and give it a clean new look. We can make the outside of your home as beautiful and clean as the inside. We use our purified water and special poles to scrub the siding and eaves clean. For extremely difficult applications, we can also use our pressure washing equipment. We scrub the eaves, fascia and soffits to leave them clean. Then we scrub the siding leaving it sparkling clean. We also will scrub the window frames, door frames and your vinyl garage doors. You will be surprised the difference it makes and how clean your house will look. For an extra fee, we can hand scrub the eaves with a special Vim-like cleaner specially designed for eaves which will remove most of those grey stains and streaks caused by oxidation. The end result will be a beautiful looking home with those small touches that make a significant difference.

Power Washing

Are you tired of stained composite or vinyl deck, muddy sidewalks or want your driveway pressure washed? It takes quite a while to professionally clean decks and sidewalks. We have high pressure cleaning equipment that will get all of your surfaces cleans. For a small extra fee, we can also clean your patio furniture and plastic play houses.

Screen Repair

We offer mobile screen repair while we are cleaning your windows, siding or eaves.  With our tools and training we can repair most screens while we are working on your house. For a modest fee we can replace most worn, torn or broken screens on the spot. prices for window screen repair starts at $40 and is $100 for most patio screens. Prices are a bit more for the ultra-durable pet resistant screens.