AO Nest

What is the ao nest?

The AO Nest is a cloud-based learning management system where each user can find exactly what they need and uniquely design the learning experience that works best for them.

Why the AO nest?

In nature, a nest is a birds’ first home. The nest is where birds are nurtured, protected, and taught the skills they need to eventually leave the nest and soar on their own. Nests are strategically built in a safe space, in different climates, with different materials and take a variety of shapes and forms.

In the AO Nest, the user can design the learning experience and outcomes that will provide them with the resources and skills they need. In our nest, you will find our mentorship program that will enable you to learn how to program in JavaScript, HTML, and Python. Through the AO Nest, you will find our Wellness and Healing resources that will provide you with a self-directed healing journey. Additionally, users can access our virtual multi-sports program, listen to our grandmother stories, and participate in our tutoring program which will support youth in ensuring they graduate.

The AO Nest, much like nests we find in nature, is custom-designed to meet the exact needs of each user.

Join our flock, design your nest and soar to new heights.