Canada Ontario Job Grant

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant will provide direct financial support for employers who wish to purchase training for their workforce. In this grant program, employers choose the individuals they would like to have trained, and the training that meets their workforce development needs. This program is intended to support employers in taking a greater role in workforce development. It requires a cost-shared training investment by employers to qualify for the government grant.

Building on the overall objective of the grant, the ministry also has the following strategic priorities for how the grant is utilized with employers and individuals.

Supporting Unemployed Individuals: Employers are willing to hire and train unemployed individuals to fill their job vacancies.

Supporting Job Creation: Employers use the grant to support expansion of their workforces.

Increased Job Quality: The grant supports permanent, sustainable full-time jobs

Job Advancement: The grant enables incumbent workers to remain in their current positions, or for incumbent workers to take new positions within the business that offer greater responsibilities and/or rates of pay.

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