Employer Incentives

Job Matching Placements and Incentives

The JMPI component matches client skills and interests with employment opportunities and employer needs. Clients using this component need work experience or on-the-job training placement. 

Clients get support in matching their skills, capabilities, interests, and experience with the requirements of the employer and the position. Clients can also receive placement into employment and/or on-the-job training opportunities. These placements include “job test and hire”, work experience, and community volunteer positions. Basic WHMIS and other workplace safety information and training are also available.

Key suitability indicators in this case are those related to market perceptions. These include a lack of relevant work experience, work experience outside Canada, and language barriers.

Jmpi Includes:

  • proactive outreach to employers, to identify opportunities not yet available in the competitive job market
  • support to employers to identify skills and capabilities they need, and explore apprenticeship training requirements
  • sensitivity/diversity training, workplace accommodation training for persons with disabilities, orientation to workplace health and safety, and workplace communication training
  • matching of employers’ skill needs and participants’ capabilities and interests
  • assessing the appropriateness of the workplace and the capacity of the employer to provide a positive experience and work-related training
  • placement into employment (with and without financial incentives), volunteer, job trial, and on-the-job training opportunities
  • development of on-the-job training plans and agreements, including negotiation of financial incentives, if required
  • monitoring of the work experience or on-the-job training agreement with participant and employer
  • linking participants with mentors and coaches during and after job placement