Employment and Training Supports

Employment and Training Supports are available to address temporary financial barriers to participation in Employment Service. All Employment Service assisted service clients have access to employment and training supports.

Supports are up to $500 per client participating in any component of assisted Employment Service. They are only available to clients that have a family income that falls within the Low Income “Market Basket Measure Thresholds by MBM Region”. This threshold information is maintained by the federal government, at www.statcan.gc.ca

Supports can cover:

  • transportation
  • work clothing or clothing/grooming needed to achieve credibility
  • special equipment, supplies, and equipment
  • certification charges (that may apply to some short-term courses)
  • short-term training costs such as books, materials, workplace safety
  • emergency or infrequent child care
  • language skills assessment and academic credential assessment
  • translation of academic documents for internationally trained individuals
  • workplace accommodation needs for persons with disabilities.