Employment Resources

List Of Resources

Here you will find some employment resources our employment team has created to help jumpstart your job search process.

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Accomplishment Statements
  4. How to ace an interview
  5. References
  6. Job Search
  7. Informational job interview
  8. LinkedIn


Are you looking to create or improve your resume? Check out the resources below to help make your resume stand out to employers. If you are looking for someone to edit or look over your resume contact our employment counsellors today.

Cover Letter

Cover letters allow you to showcase your skills and experience in more detail than your resume provides to an employer. The resources below will allow you to learn more about how to write a cover letter for future job applications.

Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment statements are a great way to showcase yourself to future employers. It helps you highlight any skills or experiences you have obtained from previous jobs. These statements can be used in your resume, cover letter, and in a job interview. To learn more about how to write accomplishment statements check out the resources below.

How to ace an interview

It’s important to be prepared and ready for an interview. The resources below will help guide you on how to ace an interview. Whether that be in person, over the phone, or a video call we have the right tips to help you succeed.


Many future employers will ask for previous references before hiring. If you are looking to learn more about who is a good reference, how to ask for a reference, and many other tools relating to job references check out the resources below.

Job Search

Looking for a job takes dedication and hard work. Here are a few resources to help you during your job search journey.

Informational Job Interview

An informational job interview is when you contact a company or organization to speak to someone about their role or position within the company. The goal is to collect information from the individual that may help you with your future endeavors. To learn more about what an informational interview is and how to conduct one check out the PowerPoint below.

For some more guidance, contact our employment counsellors today at info@aocan.org.