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Creative Kids (18 mo. – 6 years)


CREATIVE KIDS (18 mo. – 6 years):
Let’s get creative! Art is a wonderful way for your child to express themselves. In this program, they will have the opportunity to explore different art materials using their imagination. (Art kits provided for pick up/drop off for families in the Waterloo Region)

Ready, Set, Move (0-6 years)


Let’s get up and get moving! Join us for fun and games and activities to get your little one active. Together we will be singing songs, playing games, and moving our bodies.



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Tea and Talk (for Caregivers and Young Infants)


Welcome to tea and talk where caregivers with young infants can come and connect with each other. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences, strategies, and ask questions that you may have about child development. We welcome you to the family!