Hand-Up For Healing

A Hand-up for Healing is simple. By providing a hand-up, instead of a hand-out, we as a community come together to help heal, up-lift and support those within Indigenous and marginalized communities out of poverty and social systems. Anishanabeg Outreach (AO) has partnered with agencies, organizations and businesses across Ontario to develop and pilot Essential Lifeskills programs and a self-directed Virtual Mental Health Management system to support Indigenous and marginalized communities in their journey to achieve healing. These systems can currently be accessed virtually on AO’s cloud-based learning system, the AONest.

To learn more about our self-directed Virtual Mental Health Management System and Employment Resources, click the link below.


Every donation of $100 is a sponsorship for one community member to acquire access to essential supports. Sponsoring an individual provides them an opportunity to achieve healing, become employable and have economic prosperity. Your support will help lift community members experiencing homelessness and other challenges out of poverty, into employment fields and on a path to acquire safe and secure housing.

Fill out our donation form below to give a Hand-Up for Healing and support First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals.

If you have any further questions regarding donations, sponsorships, or how you or your organization

can further get involved, please email info@aocan.org or call 519-208-5333.