Steve in teaching lodge with others circled around him talking

It is our goal through our Wellness and Healing services to provide Indigenous individuals, families, and communities within the Region, with the tools necessary to overcome the social impacts of colonization, by returning to traditional ways of being and knowing, through a culturally appropriate approach, to allow for empowerment and self-determination. Our Wellness and Healing services take on a holistic approach to healing and wellness focusing on the whole individual. The priority focus of programming is related to that of healing; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, in a space that is welcoming and traditionally centered. It is through our Wellness and Healing service that we are able to provide Indigenous peoples with access to traditional health care support.

Spirit Bundles

In these times of physical distancing, we are providing Spirit Bundle Offerings for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit households to try and ease the challenges of Covid-19.

Wellness & Healing

Our wellness and healing services provide multiple programs and services weekly and monthly, keep up to date with the programs we are running through this page.


Our resource page offers information on child welfare, housing, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, cultural care, childbirth, and legal services.

Health Information

This page provides multiple resources and information on health such as diabetes and nutrition.