Anishnabeg Outreach offers many different programs which will allow you to contribute to our donations. Through the incredible donation of a house, and the funds from the sale of the house, we were able to take our organization in a new direction and begin the building of our centre for healing. Your donations make a difference. For example, a local church collected funds and chose to donate to AO. We were able to double the value of the donation by purchasing a washer and dryer at a Black Friday sale. Now families can donate their children’s outgrown clothing that we can wash, fold, sort and distribute to other families in the community. Oftentimes families are confronted with choosing food over clothing and the washer and dryer meant that children could have both food and clothing.

Anishnabeg Outreach is a registered charity and will issue tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines.

The launch of many of these programs would not have been possible without the support of the community around us. What all of the programs we offer at AO have in common is that fact that they are centred around the principle of healing.  Healing is about moving forward, finding new futures, creating possibilities, alliances, partnerships and building a path forward. If you are healed the world is wide open for you. To learn more about the programs we offer and how your donation can help further their development continue reading below.

To make an online donation click the ‘donate’ button which will take you to Canada Helps is an online donations database that ensures safe and secure online donations. By donating through Canada Helps you can be assured that your donation will safely make it to one of our programs.

Spirit Bundle Donations

If you are looking to learn more on how you can donate and support our spirit bundle program check out our donations page.

Thrifting Donations

To learn more about our thrifting program and what you can do to help check out the link below.


Internships are an essential part of providing individuals with the practical work experience they need to support their education and prepare themselves for a career


Our mentorship program focuses on providing job opportunities in the technology sector for Indigenous peoples. To learn more about how you can contribute to this program click the link below.

Program Support

If you are interested in supporting a specific service or program we offer check out this page to learn more on how you can do that.

Donations As A Gift

If you are looking to make a donation to our organization on behalf of someone else as a gift this page will provide you the information you need to make that possible.

AO Home Services

AO Home provides homes and businesses in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford & surrounding areas with the best quality cleaning services.