Partner With Us

Our mission is to continue to expand on our hub of wrap-around services that offer support for Indigenous peoples from birth to death. Our model is to do this through partnership. We have achieved some extraordinary results through partnerships. An achievement of mutually beneficial results.

We partner with everyone who wants to help us help people heal.

If it moves the needle on healing, we are all in. Partnerships and alliances are imperative to the success of the programs we run at Anishnabeg Outreach. It is thanks to our network of donors and community members that we continue to grow and expand our offerings to First Nations, Métis and Inuit families in the region. Here at Anishnabeg Outreach, we are building a centre of healing where we are able to offer a centralized healing space for Indigenous people to grow. This includes partnering with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations to create services and programs that serve people at all stages of life.

Our partnerships and alliances within the community have been paramount in the development and success of our EarlyON, employment centre and Spirit Bundle program. Among other things, they have also made possible the building of our medicine gardens, healing lodge, and teaching lodge. There are a lot of community needs we still believe we can better address through the development of additional programs.

However, to meet our long-term goals we will continue to need the support of our allies and partners. If you think you can help build out our centre of healing, let’s talk to discuss an alliance or partnership.

If you are interested in a partnership, fill out the form below!