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Reconciliation Consulting

The teaching lodge is a traditional physical space where healing and reconciliation can take place. The lodge can be used for multiple purposes for activities like feasting, community gatherings, corporate events, or reconciliation.

Move beyond action items to have a much greater impact. We provide customized Reconciliation-based training, workshops and assessment upon request.

The land-based spirit building workshop you can book with us focuses on four parts.
1. Nature based grounding in which you learn about the significance of the teaching lodge and the land.
2. Reconciliation and how it impacts healing
3. Indigenous ways of being which includes learning about the 7 Grandfather teachings, oral tradition and stories
4. Building Spirit which focuses on managing change and stress and building resilience.

It will provide the outcome of healing, which allows people to move forward, find new futures, create possibilities, build partnerships and alliances, and build a path towards the future. This workshop aims to benefit workplace teams.

This consulting service allows every individual to have a safe space to learn and reflect, especially as a team. For more information on booking or consulting services contact:

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