Spirit Bundle Program

Through our Indigenous Spirit Bundle program, we offer bi-weekly deliveries or scheduled pickups containing a variety of essentials like food, clothing, household items, baby supplies, traditional remedies, bicycles, and more. What initially arose as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic has now transformed into an ongoing effort that operates daily. Our services cover Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph, making sure that the needs of over 450 Indigenous families are met.

Our warehouse locations, situated at 236 Woodhaven Rd., Kitchener, and 400 Stevenson St N, Guelph, are fueled entirely by the generosity of public donations. We also collaborate with valued partners such as The Waterloo Food Bank, The SEED, COBS Bread and KW Humane Society, uniting forces to address both human and pet food requirements. This initiative goes beyond just the basics through the support of local clubs and organizations and individuals. It also provides Back-to-School Bundles, Halloween costumes and supplies, Holiday Gifts, Winter Wear, Sport Bundles, and much more, ensuring a holistic support system for Indigenous families. This program ensures no family is left behind while we begin the work of healing so they can achieve sustainable employment and prosperity.

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Where does the food come from?

Collaborations with the Waterloo Food Bank, The SEED, the Guelph food bank, COBS Bread, and the KW Humane Society play a pivotal role in supplying the bulk of the food distributed through the Spirit Bundles. Additionally, throughout the summer, the crops harvested from The Eminidowang Kitigaan – Spirit Garden contribute to the food bundles.

Because our program relies on donations, our inventory fluctuates from week to week. It’s important to note that not all recipients of the Spirit Bundles will receive identical food items bi-weekly. All deliveries are custom prepared based on dietary preferences and restrictions and family needs. Nevertheless, we ensure that the items we do receive are distributed equally and fairly among the recipients.

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We separate and pack the food into three separate bags:

Frozen (meat, bread, dairy, and any other frozen items we receive)

Dry (canned goods, pantry items, snacks, etc.)

Produce (fruits and vegetables)

We take allergies and other dietary limitations into careful consideration when assembling the ‘Frozen’ and ‘Dry’ bags. However, at this point, we are unable to guarantee the accommodation of allergies and dietary restrictions when preparing the produce bags.


“Top-ups” refer to essential items we receive regularly through our donation-driven process, excluding food. This category encompasses various products like cleaning supplies, baby essentials (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.), and personal hygiene items. We also regularly receive items from Amazon and occasionally receive furniture offerings. Spirit bundle recipients can select household items they need on a first come first served basis.


Upon receiving an email with our Top-Up Request form on the Friday of your delivery week, please make your submission prior to the following Thursday.

To ensure timely preparation, your response must reach us no later than 4:00 pm the next Thursday. Please avoid making premature or very late submissions as this delays our processing times.

Updating your Information with Us

If you are in our Spirit Bundle program and need to make changes to your personal information such as your address, email, phone number, or the number of household members, or if you encounter any issues with your delivery, we’ve got you covered. You can conveniently address these matters through our Update Information Form, which is distributed bi-weekly on the same Friday as your scheduled delivery route, bundled together with your top-up email. Alternatively, you can access the form below for your convenience.

Please keep in mind we receive your submissions and are working on updating your information, do not submit this form multiple times.

How Does Delivery of the Spirit Bundles Work?

Every morning prior to dispatching deliveries, our staff actively assist in loading the truck with Frozen, Dry, Produce, and Top-up bags. Our dedicated delivery driver then follows a predetermined route, ensuring Spirit Bundles are dropped off to participants along that specific route. Given the volume of deliveries (ranging from 25 to 50 per day), we cannot wait with your delivery to ensure that you receive it or deliver on a specific day or time.

To prevent theft and food spoilage, we make every effort to inform you once your Spirit Bundle has been delivered. However, we cannot guarantee delivery if no one is present at the designated address. As per our Policies and Procedures, the AO delivery driver is not authorized to enter any residential premises. It becomes your responsibility to collect your Spirit Bundle/Top-Up from your front door, lobby, or main entrance.

After completing their deliveries, our delivery driver returns to AO and shares any issues or feedback encountered during the day with the AO Spirit Bundle Team. However, we kindly request that you directly communicate your concerns through email or phone to our team.

The Impact

The impact of the Spirit Bundle food program has been profound and far-reaching. Through its unwavering commitment to addressing the essential needs of Indigenous families, this program has become a lifeline for those it serves. With a compassionate approach and a focus on unity, the program has not only provided nourishing sustenance but also fostered a sense of community and connection. By collaborating with partners and donors, the Spirit Bundle program has managed to alleviate food insecurity, offering glimmers of hope in times of need. Beyond physical nourishment, it has sowed the seeds of empowerment, dignity, and resilience, allowing families to face challenges with renewed strength. The program’s impact extends beyond just meals; it’s a testament to the transformative potential of collective action and solidarity, showcasing the positive change that can be achieved when people come together to support one another.

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